We’ve had a great time making Easter gifts and enjoying Easter activities.

Trick or Treating

Diwali Festival of Lights

A windy day

Today we made kites and decorated with shape stickers and streamers. We took them outside to watch them fly. We put streamers on a branch and tried to run under, we had great fun.

Autumn week

This week we have been drawing around leaf templates and cutting them out, then putting them on our Autumn tree. We have been talking about leaves being attached or falling down.


We have been using our senses to learn about the fruit and vegetables we brought from home for our harvest table. We also brought items for our Autumn table.

21 September, 2016 17:45

21 September, 2016 13:27

We made a jungle area to play in and look at books . We enjoy reading the Monkey Puzzle story. We made animals and chose how to decorate them and where to put them on the display. We counted them, thought about where they live, what they eat and what noises they make.

Outdoor play.

Outdoor play.