Drawing and writing

This week preschool have been practicing their writing skills using big arm movements on paper on the table, them using stencils and our favourite colouring books new also have been using the bubbles outside so we did bubble blowing in paint, which turned very messy!

Chinese New Year

Dough Disco

After staff attending some training, we now do Dough Disco which helps children get their arms and fingers ready for writing. We dance to music and roll, squash and push our fingers into our own dough.

1 February, 2018 16:42

We went for a walk to the playground to look for shapes, we saw windows, doors, signs, wheels and bricks. What shapes can you see at your house?

27 June, 2017 13:32

We are making some lovely story sacks with our favourite books to use at nursery, also to share with you at home to read with your children.

The window cleaner came!

After watching the window cleaner we did some cleaning ourselves with cloths and soapy water, this led onto throwing the cloths at the wall to make them stick. We then had to work out how to get them down, problem solving. We had great fun.


We’ve had a great time making Easter gifts and enjoying Easter activities.

Trick or Treating

Diwali Festival of Lights

A windy day

Today we made kites and decorated with shape stickers and streamers. We took them outside to watch them fly. We put streamers on a branch and tried to run under, we had great fun.