Using our fingers

We have been trying hard to use our fingers carefully, we squeezed water through the syringes to fill up the holes in the bricks. Also we tried to balance ping pong balls on golf tees. Maybe you could try this at home.

Playing Cafes

We have been ordering and buying food, paying with our money and credit cards and writing down how much it cost.

Dinosaur City

We have been busy with the dinosaurs and printing in the paint.


We’ve had lots of fun making pumpkins, icing buns, face painting and hallowEen crafts.

Mark making

We have been using our new bumbags with a pad and pen to encourage writing. It was also good practice using a zip. We had to share and take turns. Why not try this at home.

Playdough ideas.

We enjoyed using the diggers and pebbles with the playdough.


Loving the playdough using our Autumn items.

Autumn Walk

We have been around the village collecting leaves, berries and conkers. We ran through the crunchy leaves and watched the canal boat.

Outdoor play

We rolled the balls to each other and tried to hit them with the bats. We took turns with the balls.

Keeping the boys busy!

The boys have been making patterns and tracks in the paint with the cars. We looked at colour mixing and shapes.