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Keeping the boys busy!

The boys have been making patterns and tracks in the paint with the cars. We looked at colour mixing and shapes.

Learning new Autumn songs.

Harvest Time

We made fruit crispies and kebabs dipped in chocolate with our fruit. We tried really hard to cut them up and put them on our sticks.

12 September, 2018 08:37

The children have settled in well this week, very busy playing together with the trains, cars, marbles and playdough.

Fruit salad

After reading a book we made fruit salad. We cut up different fruit and mixed it together, yummy! We also coloured fruit pictures and looked at the letters.

Healthy Eating

We are learning about healthy eating and drinking, trying new vegetables and fruit.

The World Cup

We have been learning about different countries, playing ping pong football, making carnival masks and cutting out players to stick on a pitch.

Happy Fathers Day

Have a great day on Sunday, we hope you enjoy the cards and gifts the children have been busy making.

Planting Herbs

We have planted some more herbs in our herb garden, then we tried some mint in our water.

Royal Wedding

To celebrate we have made a Royal Carriage and we are dressing up as princesses and Knights.