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Repeated behaviours.

26 April, 2018 09:30

Repeated behaviours.

26 April, 2018 08:24

Let’s get Dads involved.

26 April, 2018 08:21

Preparing for school.

26 April, 2018 08:19

Talk together. Let’s help all babies and young children learn skills for talking.

26 April, 2018 08:15

Have a look at all the ideas you could do within your own village that won’t cost the earth.

Numbers and rhyming

Preschool have been decorating numbers to put up outside. They have also been looking at rhyming books and trying to rhyme with their name.


We have had fun making Easter buns and chocolate nests, Happy Easter.


Online safety

We have some valuable information on Online safety for your children. Please ask for more details.