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Summer is here!

We’ve finally got the sand out.

Mini beasts

We have been learning about caterpillars, butterflies and snails.

Fathers Day

We have made some lovely things for our Daddies.


We have been making a ramp for our cars. We then used the shape roads to look at 2D and 3D shapes. We then looked around nursery to find the shapes.


We have been measuring our towers of counters with the tape measures, they were 30 cm! We then measured ourselves on the floor to see who was taller or smaller. We made a graph to look at everyone’s height.

Happy Mother’s Day

We have made some lovely gifts, cards, bracelets and pictures.

Comic Relief

We’ve had lots of fun making red noses, red pictures and Mr Tumbles Red Bus. It took us to lots of countries far away, we had tickets to write on and stamp. We’ve raised some money on our bake sale.

A visit from some puppies

How cute, these puppies had a great run around outside.

Pancake Day

We enjoyed our pancakes and chose a topping. Yummy!

Monster Zoo

We loved reading this book so we made masks. Thinking about how many eyes, teeth or spikes, if it was hairy, spiky or smooth.